“If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants,”

Sir Isaac Newton, 1675


InnovativeJnan platform is a Compendium of Innovations 

to Kindle Cross-Sectorial Learning And Entrepreneurship.

InnovativeJnan is a unique attempt to foster innovation through identifying and replicating best practices. The platform seeks to establish a common ground for people from various domains to build on the existing body of knowledge to foster entrepreneurship. Innovation does not come with fixed rule books or set scenarios and variety fosters more avenues to innovate. The compendium of caselets on this website are classified using the key focus area of work of Centre for Innovations in Public Systems (CIPS) – namely Education, e-Governance, Health, and Urban Governance. The broad areas are further classified into categories and subcategories to help narrow the scope of the identified practices, projects and innovations. The unique feature of the website is that it is designed to provide meaningful results of greater relevance to people searching for well-defined projects in a domain of work while providing an overall snapshot of the repository at all times. Keeping in line with the country goals to foster and promote entrepreneurship and innovation, the platform seeks to provide a showcase while simultaneously documenting the practices.

Verticals namely Education, e-Governance, Health and Urban Governance are included and the effort goes on to identify more...



94 Caselets



40 Caselets



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Urban Governance

29 Caselets